Daycamp FAQ

What are your hours of operation?
We are here 24/7 hours a day, 365 days of the year! We know that you have a busy schedule and we are happy to accommodate you! We do lock our doors for safety between the hours of 10pm-6am. If you will be dropping off or picking up during our locked door hours, just give us a call and we would be happy to let you in!

How do I enroll my dog for doggie daycamp?
Enrolling your dog into daycamp is easy! All you need to do is fill out our membership form, sign our standard release form and show proof of vaccinations. We accept new dogs Monday-Thursday!

Do you have multiple dog/family pricing?
We sure do! Check out our pricing on our daycamp page!

What does my dog do all day at daycamp?
For the most part dogs keep each other entertained! Your dog will likely find a couple of friends for the day and go go go with them! Every once and a while we will play with bubbles and introduce a few toys. If you notice that there are no toys in daycamp, don’t worry! Sometimes dogs don’t like to share toys, so sometimes we need to take them out to avoid conflict.

Why can’t I watch my dog in daycamp like most other places?
Great question! In our experience working at multiple other daycamp facilities, this seems to always cause problems. When owners (or even strangers) stand at the door or window and watch, it causes too much excitement and often causes fights or excessive barking because of the anxiety of someone maybe going home. Too much traffic at the window or door can cause serious injury and unnecessary stress. We upload pictures throughout the day to our Facebook page so you can see that your dog is enjoying themselves, and of course you’re welcome to call us and check on them!

Do I need to make a reservation for my dog to attend daycamp?
A reservation is not required, but it is recommended especially on extreme weather days and long weekends. We understand that there are last minute plans made or you just simply forget to call and let us know you are coming! Not to worry- we can usually accommodate your dog without a reservation!

Do you separate small and big dogs?
We sure do. We sometimes will also separate dogs based on personality.

 Is your daycamp supervised?
Our doggie daycamp is 100% supervised by trained daycamp attendants. Several of our staff have completed the shadow program at Prairieburn K9 Academy and have constant access to continuing education on online platforms.

Can you feed my dog while they are in your care?
Yes we can. Please bring a labeled container or baggie of your dog’s food. If your dog is on a raw food diet, or eats wet food, we can accommodate their diet by putting their food into our refrigerator. Effective July 1st 2022 there will be a $5 service fee to feed lunch meals for dog’s over 1 year old.

Can you administer medication to my dog while they are in your care?
Yes! All of our staff is trained and capable of administering medication to dogs. We do not administer injections such as insulin. We do not administer any medication to cats.

What if my dog is being a trouble maker in daycamp?
Our daycamp attendants are trained to recognize any behaviour issues in a mixed dog environment, and correcting their behaviour if necessary. If we notice that your dog is a trouble maker in daycamp we will give them a stern “no” and remove them from the situation. We also do use slip leads for breaks if needed. If we notice that doggie daycamp is not the appropriate environment for your dog we will let you know and happily give you tips and recommendations to correct your dog’s behaviour. In some situations we may request for your dog to not return to our facility.

Will daycamp help my dog if he is nervous and shy?
Usually yes, but not always. Every dog is different. We always do our best to make every dog comfortable and have a good time. If we notice after a few visits that your dog is not improving, we will let you know!

Do all dog’s enjoy daycamp?
No. For the most part dog’s love doggie daycamp! Dogs are highly social animals and most often love interacting with other dogs. There are however dog’s that prefer not to be with so many dogs. If we notice that your dog is not enjoying themselves we will try to separate them with only a few other dogs with similar personalities to see if there is any improvement. If your dog is still not enjoying themselves we will separate them from the rest of the pack and let you know at the time of pickup, if your dog is anxious while separated we will call for immediate pick up. It is totally normal for dog’s to become more dog selective as they get older.

Do you provide water throughout the day?
Water is always available in our daycare rooms, we sanitize and refresh buckets frequently. 

Why did my dog come home thirsty?
Some dogs don’t enjoy drinking out of communal water bowls, and some dogs simply don’t stop for a quick drink of water. We always do our best to monitor if your dog is drinking regularly, if we notice they have not taken a water break we will separate them for a quick water break to replenish.

What are the benefits of a mixed dog environment?
Where do we start? There are countless benefits of a mixed dog environment. Some of the main ones of course are socialization, prevention and improvement of separation anxiety, confidence, manners, less destructive behaviours, learning communication and respect among other dogs, less issues with aggression and boredom, and much more!

Does my dog get potty breaks while they are with you?
Dog’s are welcome to potty inside, we immediately clean up and sanitize after them. We spent most of spring, summer and fall in our fully fenced outdoor areas. We do not walk the dogs.

Do you have an aggression policy?
Absolutely! Our main priority is to provide a safe environment for all dogs attending our daycamp! We have a zero aggression policy. If your dog did not do well, we will let you know and do our best to recommend a solution for their behavioural problems. In some cases, your pet may be expelled from our facility. If you have an aggressive dog please contact us for recommendations and options.

Are there any risks to a mixed dog environment?
Unfortunately yes, it is our strong belief at Happy Tails Resort and Spa that the benefits outweigh the risks tremendously. However, some of the risks are the common issue of kennel cough (bordetella). Please read our Kennel Cough FAQ before coming to our facility. There is also the risk of your dog injuring themselves by pulling a muscle or getting a scratch or knick from playing with their mouths and paws. Just like people, not all dogs get along. Even with careful screening and trained staff, there is the rare risk of a dog fight, typically injuries are minor and do not require any veterinarian attention. Please be aware that there are both benefits and risks to a mixed dog environment. Injuries such as scratches, knicks and pulled muscles are out of Happy Tails control, if we notice anything we will inform you at the time of pickup.

Is there an extra fee for picking my pet up late or during your locked door hours?
Nope! We do appreciate a heads up if you’re running behind, but we understand that some things are out of your control!

What vaccinations are required for my dog to attend your daycamp?
All dogs attending daycamp must be show proof of vaccinations for parvovirus, distemper and rabies. Bordetella is not required, if your dog receives the Bordetella vaccine they must wait 10 days before returning. Proof of titer is accepted in lieu of vaccinations.

Do you have a spay/neuter policy?
Our spay/neuter policy is assessed on a dog to dog basis. There are several recent studies suggesting that spaying and neutering your dog too young can be extremely detrimental to their health. However, if we believe that your dog may be acting out due to being intact we may suggest you take a short leave from our facility until you and your veterinarian deem your dog appropriate to be altered. If your female dog is not spayed and in heat, please do not bring them to our facility for any of our services.