Cat Hotel FAQ

Does my cat have to be spayed/neutered to have a sleepover at Happy Tails Pet Resort & Spa?

Yes. Every cat that stays in our cat condos must be spayed or neutered if they are over 7 months old.

What vaccinations does my cat require? Do I need to bring proof?

Yes please bring proof of vaccinations, we will ask to see the expiry date for all vaccinations.

FVRCPC vaccinations are required to leave your cat in one of our cat condos. The rabies vaccination is also required. We also require a letter from your vet within 30 days of your hotel stay stating that your cat is URI clear. We do not require the Feline Leukemia vaccination.

Can you administer medications to my cat while it stays with you?

Sorry, no we cannot administer any cat medications at Happy Tails.

Do you have a set drop off time or pick up time?

No we do not. We are staffed 24/7 every day of the year. Our doors are locked between 10pm-6am. If you are picking up or dropping off between our locked door hours please call prior to arrival to arrange for the overnight staff to let you in. There is no additional fee for pick up or drop off during our locked hours.

 Will my cat have fresh water available?

Of course! We will refresh their water dishes several times throughout the day. 

Is there a multiple cat/household rate?

Yes there is! Please check out our rates or call us for more information.

Can I pre-pay for my cat’s stay?

Unfortunately no, however, we will happily keep your credit card on file if there will be someone else picking up or dropping off your feline.

My cat is on a special diet, will that be a problem?

Absolutely not! At Happy Tails Pet Resort & Spa we are able to cater to every type of diet. We have a refrigerator committed to only pet food and medication. Please leave specific feeding instructions at the time of drop off.

Do I need a veterinarian note to have my cat attend the cattery?

Yes! We do need your cat to go to the vet 30 days or less before their stay at HappyTails. We require a note from your vet stating that your cat is URI clear as well as the FVRCPC combination and Feline Leukemia vaccine.

Does my cat have to have her nails trimmed before drop off at Happy Tails?

Please have your cat’s nails trimmed prior to drop off.

My cat is staying at your facility for several nights, what do I need to bring?

Please bring up to date vaccination records, enough food for the duration of their stay, a blanket or article of clothing, please bring your feline into our facility in a secured carrier or tote.

I heard you have dog’s at your facility. Will my cat ever interact with the dogs?

Absolutely not! To ensure everyone’s safety we have our cattery in a ‘no dog zone’ upstairs.

What if there is a medical emergency while my cat is staying with you?

We will immediately contact our partner vet to advise us on what needs to be done. Afterwards we will do our best to contact you or your emergency contact. If we cannot get in contact with you or your emergency contact, we will use our own discretion with the advice of our partner veterinarian to get your cat the appropriate care. If the emergency is a pre-existing condition the veterinarian expense may be added to your bill.

How often do you change the litter box?

We scoop our litter boxes three times a day, and they are also completely changed and sanitized between guests.

What does each cat condo include?

Each cat condo is custom built from the floor to the ceiling. Each condo includes several shelves and climbing structures, with their own private litter box and eating quarters.

Can I see where my cat will be staying?

We do not offer tours of our facilities, however you can do a virtual tour online under about us –> our facilities

 Does my cat get to leave their private condo at any time?

Yes! We understand that every cat needs their exercise. We have a play room available to all of our feline guests. Each cat will be rotated throughout the day to play in the play room. The play room features tons of shelves, scratching posts, climbing structures, toys, and much more to keep them entertained!

What do you provide for my cat’s stay?

We provide food and water dishes, bedding, personal cubbies, litter and litter boxes/pans, cuddles and toys. We may also feed your cat a treat or wet food if we find they are not eating well. Please let us know if your cat has any allergies at the time of drop off.

Do you take pictures of my cat?

We always do our very best to take pictures throughout the day and upload them to our Facebook page! Photo’s can be emailed by request.

How will I know my cat is comfortable?

Please let us know if you have any concerns! We would be happy to send you updates throughout your cat’s stay!

Your facility sounds great! How do I make a reservation?

We can’t wait to meet you and your feline! Please make a reservation by calling us or emailing us, you may also come in and make a reservation. Prior to your cat’s stay, we do require you to fill out a membership form and sign a standard release form. For your convenience and to expedite your drop off, please download and complete the form by clicking here. Before we book any feline guests we do need to see proof of vaccinations.