General FAQ

What sets you apart from other facilities?
First and foremost, we are a family owned business with an abundance of knowledge and experience in caring for both cats and dogs. Our family has owned and bred English Setters since the 1980s, we can assure we’ve been through it all! We’ve whelped our own litters, we’ve found the perfect homes for our beloved puppies, and we’ve said goodbye to the best dogs in the world. With over 3 years of working in different facilities in the dog industry, we know what we would like to improve and what we’ve appreciated in each facility. We are dedicated to providing the best care for both cats and dogs, we know that providing the best care entails many different details including, and not limited to; safety, cleanliness and a happy and positive environment! 

What are your hours of operation?
We are open 24/7 hours a day, 365 days of the year! We know that you have a busy schedule and we are happy to accommodate you! We do lock our doors for safety between the hours of 10pm-6am. If you will be dropping off or picking up during our locked door hours, just give us a call and we would be happy to let you in!

What vaccinations are required for your services?
Vaccination requirements vary between dogs and cats.

Dog requirements: Parvovirus, Distemper and Rabies. Bordetella recommended but not required. Proof of Titer is accepted in lieu of updated vaccinations.

Cat requirements: Distemper 3 way (FVRCP) or Eclipse/Distemper 4 way (FVRCPC).

Do you provide water throughout the day?
We provide fresh water throughout the day for both our canine and feline companions. If we notice that your dog is not slowing down for a water break in daycamp, we will separate them from the pack for a five minute water break.

Can you administer medication to my pet?
All of our staff is fully capable of administering medication to your dog. Please leave detailed instructions if your dog requires medication. We do not administer any medication to cats. We do not administer injections such as insulin.

Why did my dog come home thirsty?
Some dogs don’t enjoy drinking out of communal water bowls, and some dogs simply don’t stop for a quick drink of water. We always do our best to monitor if your dog is drinking regularly, if we notice they have not taken a water break we will separate them for a quick water break to replenish.

What are the benefits of a mixed dog environment?
Where do we start? There are countless benefits of a mixed dog environment. Some of the main ones of course are socialization, prevention and improvement of separation anxiety, confidence, manners, less destructive behaviours, learning communication and respect among other dogs, less issues with aggression and boredom, and much more!

Does my dog get potty breaks while they are with you?
Dog’s are welcome to potty inside, we immediately clean up and sanitize after them. During the spring, summer and fall we spend nearly all day outside in our fully fenced area. We do not walk the dogs as we feel it poses a safety risk if someone is to escape their leash or if a dog is loose and approaches our team member and our guest.

Do you have an aggression policy?
Absolutely! Our main priority is to provide a safe environment for all dogs and cats! We have a zero aggression policy for any mixed pet situations. If your dog or cat did not do well, we will let you know and do our best to recommend a solution for their behavioural problems. In extreme cases, your pet may be expelled from our facility. If you have an aggressive dog please contact us for recommendations and options.

Are there any risks to a mixed dog environment?
Unfortunately yes, it is our strong belief at Happy Tails Resort and Spa that the benefits outweigh the risks tremendously. However, some of the risks are the common issue of kennel cough (bordetella). Please read our Kennel Cough FAQ before coming to our facility. There is also the risk of your dog injuring themselves by pulling a muscle or getting a scratch or knick from playing with their mouths and paws. Just like people, not all dogs get along. Even with careful screening and trained staff, there is the rare risk of a dog fight, typically injuries are minor and do not require any veterinarian attention. Please be aware that there are both benefits and risks to a mixed dog environment. Injuries such as scratches, knicks and pulled muscles are out of Happy Tails control, if we notice anything we will inform you at the time of pickup.

Is there an extra fee for picking my pet up late or during your locked door hours?
Absolutely not! We do appreciate a heads up if you’re running behind, but we understand that some things are out of your control!

Do you have gift certificates?
We sure do! We can make up a personalized gift certificate or card for any service or amount. Gift certificates typically have a one year expiry, which will be indicated on the bottom.