Pet Spa FAQ

How long does a grooming appointment typically take?
The actual grooming process takes approximately 2 hours of hands on care. However, we set up grooming slots into five hour time frames to allow us to give your dog breaks when needed and to ensure the best quality groom possible. Our grooming slots are 8am-1pm, 10am-3pm, 12pm-5pm. If you are booked in the 8am-1pm slot, your dog is guaranteed done by 1pm, if you are booked in the 10am slot your dog is guaranteed done by 3pm, and of course if your dog is booked in the 12pm slot we will ensure they are done by 5pm.

Is daycamp included in the grooming price?
It sure is! Your dog is welcome to hangout with his friends in daycamp before the grooming process, and we are happy to put them back into daycamp after their groom as well.

My dog isn’t great with other dogs, can she still get groomed at Happy Tails?
Absolutely! Instead of going into daycamp your dog will just have to hangout in the grooming room loose or in a kennel with fresh water and a bed. We also offer the option of calling you as soon as your dog is done so that they can be picked up as soon as possible.

What are your grooming prices?
The prices listed are subject to change due to temperament and behaviour of your dog, condition of coat and size of dog. You can find our pricing details on our ‘spa’ page or you can contact us.

Can I bring a picture of the style I want?
Yes please do! It is always helpful to have a picture of what you like. However, your dog may not have the same coat as in the picture provided, so it may not look identical. We will always do our best to match the picture provided and keep it on file if you would like.

Can I stay and watch my dog get groomed?
Unfortunately no. In our experience we find that dog’s often misbehave more with their owners present. In order for us to give your dog the full attention necessary to ensure quality and safety, we do not allow owners to watch during the grooming process. 

I just got a new puppy! When should I start grooming her?
We recommend that you start getting your puppy groomed at 12 weeks. Our five hour time slots allow us to take things slow with your puppy to ensure that they do not get too stressed out. It is extremely important to get your puppy introduced to grooming at a very young age. We also recommend playing with your puppies paws, flexing each toe individually and also brushing your puppy from head to tail. These small exercises will help your puppy be more confident and comfortable during their groom.

My dog has bitten other groomer’s and has been kicked out of other grooming facilities, can you still try to groom her?
Please let us know at the time of drop off if your dog has ever bitten anyone. If we believe that our safety or your dogs safety is at risk we will call you and inform you that we could not complete the grooming process. We will always do everything we comfortably can to complete the groom, this may include using a muzzle. We only use muzzles that allow your dog to pant and breathe comfortably, while protecting our groomer from being bitten. However biting is not the only concern for safety, if your dog is moving violently we may have to refuse them, grooming requires sharp tools which could harm your dog if they lashed out and moved suddenly. Your dog’s safety and our staff’s safety are our top priorities.

Is it true that it is bad to bathe your dog too often?
At Happy Tails we only use the highest quality of products, we are always researching to ensure that the products we are using are proper ph levels and not too harsh on your dog’s skin. In the past shampoo formulas and technology were not as good as they are today, which did cause skin issues such as dryness or redness when bathing too often. With the advancements from extensive research in pet care products, it is very unlikely that your dog will get a reaction from bathing them frequently, provided of course you use a quality shampoo. It is important to condition the coat after shampooing, if you take care in what products you use you can bathe your dog as frequently as you wish.

What is matting? How can I prevent matting?
Matting starts off as tiny tangles, but quickly turns into uncomfortable and often painful larger tangles. These large tangles develop from shedding fur and dirt, and will move from the original site to eventually all over the body. Matting worsens when the coat becomes wet and tight. Matting is extremely unhealthy for your dog. To prevent matting we recommend brushouts or bath and tidies between full grooms, and regular brushing at home. One of our groomers would be happy to recommend a personalized grooming schedule that is appropriate for your dog.

What can I do if my dog is matted?
At the time of drop off we will run our hands over your dog to check for any matting. If there is only minor matting on the ears or tail, we may be able to brush it out, in which case you will be charged a dematting fee. If the matting is severe, we will recommend that we clip down your dog’s coat to underneath the matting. Clipping down the coat to under the matting is usually the best option, as dematting is uncomfortable, and the skin around the matted area is already sensitive and sore from the matting itself. We will always ask for your permission before we clip down your dog, you may be asked to sign a ‘matted dog release form’. If your dog is severly matted and you will not give us permission to clip them down, we may refuse to groom your dog.

What do you do to care for my dog’s ears during the groom?
All of our full service grooms include a thorough inspection of your dog’s ears. If necessary we will pluck all the excess fur out of the ear canal and use a cleaning solution on a cotton pad to clean out all of the wax and dirt. If we notice any signs of infection, mites, or any other issues we will inform you and recommend speaking to your vet.

What do you do to service my dog’s teeth?
We add an enzyme along the gum line that reduces the plaque, give your pooch a quick brush over with a doggy tooth brush and add a spray of doggy breath freshener. We will do a thorough check over of all of your dog’s teeth to check for any broken teeth, swollen or red gums, excessive plaque, or any other signs of dental disease. We will make a note on your dog’s spa report card and let you know at the time of pickup if there is any cause for concern orally.

Do you trim my dog’s nails during the groom? How often do you recommend I get my dog’s nails trimmed?
We always start the grooming process off with a nail trim and grind. We will ensure that we get the nails as short as possible and file down the rough edges. We recommend getting your dog’s nailed trimmed and filed every 4 weeks. A basic rule of thumb is if you can hear your dog’s nails clicking on the sidewalk or your floor, they are too long and due for a trim. We do walk in nail trims for only $15, you can also add a nail trim to any half or full day of daycamp for only $15.

My dog’s nail is bleeding! Why and what should I do to stop it?
Inside your dog’s nail is a blood vessel often referred to as the ‘quick’. As you may know, dog’s are quite squirmy when their paws are handled, which makes it difficult to trim your dogs nails with precision. Quick movement at the wrong time may cause one of our groomer’s to cut your dog’s nail too short and expose the quick. If your dog’s nails are quite long it may be difficult for our trained groomer’s to see exactly where the quick is. You can easily stop the bleeding with a product called ‘quick-clot’ or with household items such as flour.

Why is my dog scooting their bum after their groom?
Butt-scooting after a groom is completely normal. We only use scissors around the bum area to avoid any razor burn or irritation. Bum scooting is especially common if your dog was clipped down to a shorter length because they feel naked and aren’t used to feeling a breeze around their bum. Bum scooting may also indicate that there is an infection or issue with their anal glands. If you notice your pooch is scooting or licking you may discourage the behaviour, as it may cause redness and further irritation. If your pooch is still scooting or licking 24 hours after their groom please let us know!

What are anal glands?
Anal glands, also referred to as anal sacs, are small sacs near the dog’s anus. Anal glands typically express themselves, but may fill up and cause issues if your dog is having loose stool due to not enough pressure along the anal sacs. Anal glands can also express themselves during times of exciement or stress, which releases a foul and unpleasant odor. You may notice your dog scooting their bum on the floor, licking their anus or not being able to sit comfortably, these are all common signs of discomfort due to the anal sacs being full and putting pressure on the anus.

Can you express my dog’s anal glands?
No we cannot. According to Manitoba Veterinary Association, expression of anal glands is a medical procedure that should only be performed by a licensed veterinarian.

Do you bathe my dog before the groom?
We sure do! In order to produce the best quality groom the fur and skin must be clean.

How do you dry my dog after their bath?
We hand dry each dog with a high velocity speed drier. Each drier has multiple speeds, ensuring that each dog has a positive experience. Some dogs do not tolerate the drier, in which case we may fan dry them in a kennel.

I noticed some red marks on my dog’s belly, what has caused this? What should I do?
Redness on your dogs belly is likely from ‘clipper burn’. We go shorter on the belly area for sanitary issues such as pee being stuck on the fur and excessive matting. If you notice the little marks are causing discomfort you can sprinkle some baby powder on the area to reduce irritation. Redness, knicks or rashes may also occur on areas of the body that were matted closely to the skin, the redness is likely not from the grooming process but from the actual matting itself pulling on the skin. If you notice any redness please call us and let us know so that we can make a note to not take it as short in the sanitary area, or to use scissors instead.

What type of shampoo do you use?
At Happy Tails Resort & Spa we only use the best quality products! We use Wahl professional series and Nature’s Speciality products. We are always keeping up with the newest products to ensure that we use only the best. All shampoos and conditioners that we use are biodegradable and non toxic. If your dog has sensitive skin or has had a reaction previously from shampoo, please let us know so that we only use hypoallergenic shampoo. Sometimes dog’s will have an unpleasant reaction to shampoo, unfortunately it is nearly impossible for us to predict. If your dog has a reaction to a certain shampoo or conditioner we certainly will make a note in their file so that we can avoid any possible future sensitivities. If you notice your dog is having a reaction after their groom please let us know so that we can bathe them in a special treatment shampoo to soothe the skin.

How often should my dog get groomed? Do you have a special discount for frequent visitors?
Every dog has a different recommended grooming schedule. Typically for any long coated breeds we recommend getting a professional groom every 6-8 weeks. For dog’s with double coats we recommend getting a groom every 8-10 weeks. We do have a VIP program ‘Very Important Pet’ for our frequent grooming dogs Every 4 Week is a $10 discount, Every 6 Weeks is a $7.50 discount, Every 8 Weeks you will receive a $5.00 discount.

What supplies do I need at home to care for my dog’s grooming needs?
Every breed is different when it comes to appropriate grooming equipment. The basic stuff you will need is a tooth brush and paste and a good ear cleaning solution. The type of brush that you require will depend on the type of coat, please ask us if you are unsure and we would be happy to recommend the proper tools and schedule for your dog.

What can I do if I love my dog’s groom?
Please let us know! We will make sure to book your dog with the same groomer at your next appointment and take specific notes of the groom. Of course, please also tell all of your friends!

What if I don’t like my dog’s groom?
Please let us know as soon as possible! We will be happy to fix your dog’s groom at your earliest convenience. We do ask that you let us know within 48 hours of your groom.